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Relationships at Work:

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About the Book

Do you view networking as a daunting, awkward, yet important task?

Do you look upon your well-networked colleagues with envy, awe, and a bit of intrigue?

Do you wish you had a robust network in place to help you gain new perspectives,

accomplish your job goals, form mentoring relationships, and increase job exposure


My answer used to be a resounding and wistful yes to those questions, as I was never taught how to successfully network in a manner that resonated with my introverted personality. Attending happy hours and passing out business cards were simultaneously uncomfortable and ineffective. I stumbled through the first few years of my career until I discovered the power of developing authentic relationships one conversation at a time, one cup of coffee at a time. Along the way, I unlocked a hidden secret: when done properly, networking makes people feel really good!


In my book, Relationships at Work: How to Authentically Network within Your Company, I share my proven approach to demystify the art of networking. I offer my unique perspective with 20 simple, yet often overlooked, tips to organically build relationships across departments and chains of command. I’ve packed it with over 200 examples, in which I outline practical, tactical guidance for planting and nurturing the seeds of a reciprocal network, and enjoying the blossoms of success.

This material is for everyone who seeks broader and deeper relationships with their colleagues. It's designed with a comprehensive list of strategies to form human connections and create a meaningful impact in the workplace. You will hold the power to improve the way you collaborate with co-workers, accomplish goals, and quite possibly change the trajectory of your career!

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Praise for Relationships at Work

“At a time when more of us are starved for meaningful connection than ever, Rachel has put together a wealth of useful tips all of us can use to up our game when it comes to connecting and relating. Not only are her tips thoughtful for professional networking, but the many real examples she provides are useful tools for us to navigate connecting and networking in many different contexts in our own, authentic way.”

Andrew Blotky, author of

Honestly Speaking: How the Way We Communicate Transforms Leadership, Love, and Life

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